Liberal right swiping in mobile dating apps

Chase Pickwell, international security and conflict resolution major, downloaded the mobile dating app Tinder while on a bus ride from a rugby game.

The sophomore has been using the app for three or four months. He has a total of 240 matches on Tinder.

Pickwell has only met two of his 240 Tinder matches and it was through coincidence not the app.

“It’s mostly just for fun,” he said.

Pickwell has never arranged any dates with any of his matches but he did meet two of them by coincidence at a party.

He said that because he knew they had matched on the app it made it a conversation starter.

“Personally I’m not huge on me hooking up with someone through an app I prefer face to face,” he said.

Pickwell doesn’t usually message girls he matches with and when he does it’s because he lets his friend use his app.

He said that dating apps are interesting because a lot is based on face value and when an actual conversation is started some people are just interested in hooking up.

“I’ve had conversations on there where like we’ve talked about TV shows and don’t even talk about meeting up,” Pickwell said.

He said he thinks there is a lack of a dating culture at SDSU and there is more of a hookup oriented culture that dating apps encourage.

“Definitely encourages it,” he said. “It just makes it so much easier to meet random people and, oh we both think we’re hot, it kinda gives you that advantage like you know they find you attractive so you can go into it with that kind of confidence.”


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