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Love Wave greatest threat to the Love Library The Daily Aztec, Andrea Lope-Villafana

This story is my first investigative story for The Daily Aztec. I was able to use skills I was learned in
my internship to report on the lack of attention the university pays to the retrofitting needs of the Love Library.

I was in charge of all the reporting, which included searching for documents provided by the CSU Seismic Review Board and interviews with sources.

This story helped students become aware that the building so many of them spend hours in studying for finals, is an earthquake hazard. The university still has no plans to retrofit the building despite my interviews and this story but they know that it is an issue that will not go unnoticed. The story reached over 2,000 people on Facebook and several parents who visited the campus for Explore SDSU commented about their concern for the safety of their incoming children.

Bilingual Newscast for The Daily Aztec

The Daily Aztec, Andrea Lopez-VillafanaIn an effort to increase knowledge of Mundo Azteca, the Spanish section in The Daily Aztec at San Diego State, I helped begin a bilingual newscast with Emely Navarro, news editor, and Adriana Heldiz, video editor.

We covered news, sports, arts and culture, opinion and Mundo Azteca.

I was in charge of selecting the stories from the Spanish section and translating them into English so viewers who aren’t fluent in Spanish can learn what the story is about.

As a result of our videos, I was approached by more bilingual and biliterate writers interested in writing for Mundo Azteca. Our two videos had over 1,000 views on Facebook and YouTube combined. This was the first bilingual newscast for the SDSU independent student newspaper.

Food insecurity at San Diego State University

The Daily Aztec, Andrea Lopez-VillafanaAfter the California State University System released a study about homelessness and food insecurity on college campuses, I wrote a front page story about how those issues apply to SDSU.

I interviewed school officials, professors working on food insecurity research and an organization that has a food pantry near campus.

After the story was published, I received emails and feedback about the issue and how it helped raise awareness. This year, the university established a temporary food pantry and student food insecurity became a popular topic of conversation among Associated Students candidates during school elections.

Spanish Section of The Daily Aztec

Bilingual broadcast for The Daily Aztec

Profile for Mundo Azteca

Growing up as an immigrant

Photo by Salwa Khan

This story was for Mundo Azteca, the section in Spanish in The Daily Aztec. I decide to cover this event because I wanted to learn about her struggles as an immigrant and because I wanted to share her story.

I interviewed Melody Schiaffino after the event and several of the participants at the event. The story was shared on social media and by Schiaffino.

Bilingual story for The Daily Aztec/Mundo Azteca

Community holds post-election talk

This story was written in Spanish and English for The Daily Aztec newspaper. I was asked to cover this event because it was announced last minute after the presidential election results and my editors knew they could count on me.

Several organizations at San Diego State University held a talk to help students who were struggling with the election results understand that the school would support and protect them. The event had an amazing turn out so we had to relocate to another room. While we were walking, I interviewed several speakers and students in the audience.

Opinion Stories

Column started a research study

Sex and sexuality issues are often topics that most writers and school newspapers would shy from, but I helped create a biweekly column titled, “Grabbing Back” in an effort to address issues that women and members of the LGBTQ community face at San Diego State University.
For my first column of the semester, I chose to write about an Instagram account that posts pictures of college women with and sometimes without their permission. I researched everything about the account and the owners of the account and found that they tend to sexualize college women for their benefit but advertise it as “supportive to women” because they help th
em gain more followers on social media.

I interviewed women who chose and didn’t choose to be featured on the account and a media and sexuality expert.

As a result of my story, professor Nathian Rodriguez conducted a research study on the site and I am cited as a source. The story had over 1,000 views online.

Bilingual education column

After writing several bilingual articles for The Daily Aztec, I decided to do an opinion piece on the importance of bilingual education.

Both articles ran side by side and helped emphasize the Spanish section of the newspaper and gave the column a different look from the other proposition pieces other writers had done.

As a result of this column, several professors in the bilingual education program at San Diego State University reached out to me and let me speak during their classes about the Spanish section of the newspaper, Mundo Azteca.

Story in Spanish.

Consent column

This column is also a part of “Grabbing Back,” and it focused on digital consent. After learning about a woman who turned unsolicited pictures into art I wondered if there was a problem of unsolicited pictures on campus.

I interviewed SDSU police on what a college women should do if she is being digitally harassed and the women’s resource center coordinator. 

As a result of this story, several female students commented on social media and were thankful that this topic was being discussed in the school newspaper.

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