Multimedia story for capstone class

Barrio Logan Art Crawl

Barrio Logan Art Crawl is a once a month event held in Barrio Logan, San Diego. The many galleries, businesses and community members come together to hold the event and promote the neighborhood in a more positive light. The community is working to get rid of negative stereotypes by holding events like the crawl.

This story was completely almost entirely on an iPad for a capstone class at San Diego State University. I worked on the story during the spring 2017 semester and I had to pass the class to graduate. I interviewed key players and attended the event.

Read story here: Barrio Art Crawl

Chicano Park, Andrea Lopez-Villafaña

Photojournalism story for class

A shop with sole

For my photo storytelling class at SDSU I chose to cover a story about a local shoe repair shop. I wanted to take pictures of something that most people walk by and don’t notice and show that there is beauty to the little shoe repair shop.

View story here: Pablo’s Shoe Repair