Love Wave greatest threat to the Love Library The Daily Aztec, Andrea Lope-Villafana

This story is my first investigative story for The Daily Aztec. I was able to use skills I was learned in
my internship to report on the lack of attention the university pays to the retrofitting needs of the Love Library.

I was in charge of all the reporting, which included searching for documents provided by the CSU Seismic Review Board and interviews with sources.

This story helped students become aware that the building so many of them spend hours in studying for finals, is an earthquake hazard. The university still has no plans to retrofit the building despite my interviews and this story but they know that it is an issue that will not go unnoticed. The story reached over 2,000 people on Facebook and several parents who visited the campus for Explore SDSU commented about their concern for the safety of their incoming children.

Bilingual Newscast for The Daily Aztec

The Daily Aztec, Andrea Lopez-VillafanaIn an effort to increase knowledge of Mundo Azteca, the Spanish section in The Daily Aztec at San Diego State, I helped begin a bilingual newscast with Emely Navarro, news editor, and Adriana Heldiz, video editor.

We covered news, sports, arts and culture, opinion and Mundo Azteca.

I was in charge of selecting the stories from the Spanish section and translating them into English so viewers who aren’t fluent in Spanish can learn what the story is about.

As a result of our videos, I was approached by more bilingual and biliterate writers interested in writing for Mundo Azteca. Our two videos had over 1,000 views on Facebook and YouTube combined. This was the first bilingual newscast for the SDSU independent student newspaper.

Food insecurity at San Diego State University

The Daily Aztec, Andrea Lopez-VillafanaAfter the California State University System released a study about homelessness and food insecurity on college campuses, I wrote a front page story about how those issues apply to SDSU.

I interviewed school officials, professors working on food insecurity research and an organization that has a food pantry near campus.

After the story was published, I received emails and feedback about the issue and how it helped raise awareness. This year, the university established a temporary food pantry and student food insecurity became a popular topic of conversation among Associated Students candidates during school elections.