Pros and cons of mobile dating apps

Katherine Wiedeman, psychology major, downloaded Tinder in the middle of her freshmen year.

A friend, who used the app to find parties, introduced her to the app so they could go out, she said.

After using the app to find parties, she decided to keep the app because she found it interesting to talk to different people.

“I have a couple of really good friends from the app,” she said.

The SDSU junior has been on 20 dates through connection made on the app.

Her last relationship began with a “match” on Tinder. She remembers feeling no pressure in their conversation and she instantly decided she wanted to meet him. They began hanging constantly and at one point they both mutually decided to delete the app.

After dating for six months, they broke up because he was in the military and would be moving out of state.

“We didn’t end on bad terms,” Wiedeman said.

Other matches weren’t as successful.

She once met up with a guy but it wasn’t the person she thought she was meeting, because it was the guy in the background of the photo she said.

“I walked past him because I didn’t recognize him,” she said.

Wiedeman remembers finding herself in a bad situation with a guy she had become good friends with through the app. One night when she went to visit him he got out of hand, she said.

“He was in my car and he told me that he wanted to show me that he could hurt me if he wanted to,” Wiedeman said.

She was able to get out of that situation by asking him to get out of her car and leaving.

“It’s important to be careful,” Wiedeman said. “I think it’s possible to meet crazy people anywhere but it’s important to meet in public.”

Wiedeman is currently taking a break from dating apps.

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